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"Go Purple" – October 19th!


"It takes a village to raise a child" is not just an African proverb. Responsibility for taking care of children and providing them with safe and nurturing environments belongs to all members of our community. Child Abuse Prevention month is the perfect time to increase awareness. Brant Family and Children’s Services (formerly the Children’s Ad Society of Brant) will be holding a number of open houses and activities throughout October and invites everyone in our community to participate, show support and help increase awareness by ‘going purple’ on October 19th. Check our Website for more details.

The well-being and safety of children and youth is our primary focus.

The Child and Family Services Act recognizes that the public and professionals have a special duty to report protection concerns.

 Communities play an important role in keeping children safe and in assisting families that may need support to keep their children safe.

 Community members, professionals, and those who work with children can help children and families where there are protection concerns by calling Brant FACS. The call they make leads to an offer of help.

 Brant FACS’ focus is to keep families together.

Brant FACS, alongside with our community partners, provides a broad range of services to children and families where there are concerns about safety and well-being. In addition to visiting children and families in their home, child welfare workers will connect families to the services they may need, such as parenting or treatment programs for problems such as addictions, mental health, and anger management.

Brant FACS is part of the broader children’s services sector and relies on the web of community services and resources to keep children and families safe and happy.

Please help promote Child Abuse Prevention Awareness

GO PURPLE on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016.

Watch the school boards "Go Purple" across Ontario below!


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